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Insomnia Cures Are Here!

Written by Dave Turo-Shields, ACSW, LCSW I yawn, stretch my arms behind my head and stare at the ceiling. I’ve been in bed for a few minutes. Ahhh, the peaceful quiet all around. The room is dark. The kids are asleep. It’s an expansive moment for my mind. My mind seems to fill the entire […]

Introduction to Anxiety

Generalized anxiety disorder (or GAD) is characterized by excessive, exaggerated anxiety and worry about everyday life events with no obvious reasons for worry. People with symptoms of generalized anxiety disorder tend to always expect disaster and can’t stop worrying about health, money, family, work, or school. In people with GAD, the worry often is unrealistic […]

What is Lung Cancer?

by: Peter Crosta Cancer is a class of diseases characterized by out-of-control cell growth, and lung cancer occurs when this uncontrolled cell growth begins in one or both lungs. Rather than developing into healthy, normal lung tissue, these abnormal cells continue dividing and form lumps or masses of tissue called tumors. Tumors interfere with the […]

Breast Cancer Research

Over 1.1 million women are diagnosed worldwide each year with breast cancer,1 and this number has almost doubled since 1975.2 In addition, breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in the world, with 4.4 million survivors up to 5 years following diagnosis,1 and millions more surviving longer than 5 years. In the United States, the […]

Blood Clots/Stroke – They Now Have a Fourth Indicator

STROKE:Remember the 1st Three Letters….S.T..R. My nurse friend sent this and encouraged me to post it and spread the word.  I agree. If everyone can remember something this simple, we could save some folks. Seriously… Please read: STROKE IDENTIFICATION: During a BBQ, a friend stumbled and took a little fall.  She assured everyone that she […]

Health and Habits of College Students

Report on Health and Habits of College Students Released Dr. Ed Ehlinger, the director and chief health officer of the University’s Boynton Health Service A report released by the University of Minnesota Boynton Health Service is the first of its kind in the nation to conduct a comprehensive survey on the health of college students. […]

What is ADHD?

What is ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)? Health experts say that ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is the most common behavioral disorder that starts during childhood. However, it does not only affect children – people of all ages can suffer from ADHD. Psychiatrists say ADHD is a neurobehavioral developmental disorder. An individual with ADHD finds […]

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are a class of undifferentiated cells that are able to differentiate into specialized cell types. Commonly, stem cells come from two main sources: Embryos formed during the blastocyst phase of embryological development (embryonic stem cells) and Adult tissue (adult stem cells). Both types are generally characterized by their potency, or potential to differentiate […]

Smoking Health Risks

Smoking Health Risks: Health Risks Effects on the Lungs According to the American Lung Association, smoking is directly responsible for about 90 percent of the deaths due to lung cancer. Smoking is also responsible for the majority of deaths due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. A study in […]

Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills (This is how people who are addicted to using/ smoking Tobacco products rationalize using/smoking Tobacco products.) Tobacco smoking has been fingered (e.g., U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare [U.S. DHEW], 1964) as a major cause of mortality and morbidity, responsible for an estimated 434,000 deaths per year in the United States (Centers […]

Stair Design Could Help Fight Obesity

Changes In Stair Design Could Help Fight Obesity The fight against obesity, according to an article in the June Southern Medical Journal, official journal of the Southern Medical Association. The journal is published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a part of Wolters Kluwer Health, a leading provider of information and business intelligence for students, professionals, […]

REM Sleep Helps Solve Problems

REM Sleep Helps Solve Problems Grabbing a quick nap may not only be refreshing but may also increase your ability to solve problems creatively, according to US researchers who suggest that REM (rapid eye movement) sleep directly enhances creative processes more than any other sleep or wakeful state. The study was the work of a […]

What Is Dialysis? What Is Kidney Dialysis?

Dialysis is the artificial process of getting rid of waste (diffusion) and unwanted water (ultrafiltration) from the blood. This process is naturally done by our kidneys. Some people, however, may have failed or damaged kidneys which cannot carry out the function properly – they may need dialysis. In other words, dialysis is the artificial replacement […]

New Drug Delivers “Fitness”

A New Drug Delivers “Fitness” Without the Workout Take a pill and simulate the effects of exercise. By Nicholas Bakalar It sounds too good to be true, but scientists announced in August that they have found drugs that simulate the effects of exercise. Endurance training alters metabolic processes in muscle fiber, increasing the expression of […]

Myofascial Pain in Athletes

Myofascial Pain in Athletes Voluntary, or skeletal, muscle is the largest single organ of the human body and accounts for nearly 50% of the body’s weight. The number of muscles in the body depends on the degree of subdivision that is considered and on the number of variable muscles that are included. Not counting heads, […]